Helping Your Family Develop a Christ-centered Home

Our goal is to create fun and engaging environments where students are encouraged to live Christ-centered lives. Our events and services are all designed to help students fall in love with God, make friends, serve others, and share their story. For more on our middle school and high school ministry click the links to the right.

It is also our passion to help students’ family have Christ-centered homes. We equip student’s parents/guardians to be their primary spiritual leaders. For more on our Family resources and offerings click on the Parents Corner link to the right.  

We hope to see you at our events and weekly worship environments.

Middle School - 9:30am and 11:00am (The Loft) 
High School - 9:30am The Loft
High School - 11:00am Sanctuary

Middle School - 7:00pm  Room 500 (The Attic) 
High School - 7:00pm The Loft

MS@N Summer Camp

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